A MORTE NO EDIFÍCIO IMPÉRIO (Death on the Empire Building)

(35 mm, 11 min, p&b, 1993)

"Death on the Empire Building" is a film about the historical-architectural heritage of the city of Porto Alegre. Passages about the city scapes from books by the authors Érico Veríssimo, Dyonélio Machado, August Saint-Hilaire and Souza Brandão are illustrated with contemporary images. Permanence and change in the city's streets and buildings.

 Flávia Moraes
Photo by Ana Pompermayer: Flávia Moraes

Director: Beto Souza

Written by: Beto Souza and Éber Marzulo
Cinematographer: Roberto Henkin
Production Coordinator: Bibi Iankilevich
Editors: Beto Souza and Jorge Mário

Distribution: Casa de Cinema PoA

Main Cast:
Flávia Moraes (she)
Pedro Santos (he)
Júlia Barth (female narration)
Edu K (male narration)



  • 18th Gramado Film Festival, 1990:
    Best Editing of Regional Film.
  • 17th Guarnicê of Cine-Vídeo, São Luis, 1994:
    Best Musical Score.