TOLERÂNCIA (Tolerance) - Still Images

by Fernanda Chemale


The lawyer Márcia (Maitê Proença) manipulates facts.
Former photographer Júlio (Roberto Bomtempo) manipulates images.
Márcia and Júlio try not to manipulate anything in their marriage.
Guida (Ana Maria Mainieri) is the couple’s only daughter.
One day Márcia and Júlio’s tolerance is put to the test.
Márcia has an affair with her client Teodoro (Nélson Diniz).
Guida turns 18 and dates Ciro (Márcio Kieling).
Anamaria (Maria Ribeiro) appears in Júlio’s life.
Sabrina (Cléo de Páris) only exists in Júlio’s imagination.
Márcia is capable of anything to save her family.
The director Carlos Gerbase points the way:
"We are still the same and we live like our parents"...