O SANDUÍCHE (The Sandwich)

(35 mm, 13 min, color, 2000)
The last moments in a couple’s life: the time of separation. But the end of one thing may be the beginning of another. Another couple, the first moments: the time of discovery. Encounters, separations and a sandwich. In film, taste is i the eyes of the beholder.


 Foto por Alex Sernambi: Janaína Kremer Motta e Felippe Monnaco
Photo by Alex Sernambi: Janaína Kremer Motta and Felippe Monnaco

Director: Jorge Furtado

Executive Producers: Nora Goulart and Luciana Tomasi
Written by: Jorge Furtado
Cinematographer: Alex Sernambi
Art Director: Fiapo Barth
Music by: Leo Henkin
Production Coordinator: Débora Peters
Editors: Giba Assis Brasil and Fábio Lobanowsky
Assistant Director: Alfredo Barros

A Casa de Cinema PoA Production

Main Cast:
Janaína Kremer Motta (She/Marcia)
Felippe Monnaco (He/Victor)
Nelson Diniz (Director)
Milene Zardo (girlfriend)



  • 33rd Brasília Film Festival, 2000:
    Best Editing.
  • 5th Festival de Cinema Luso-brasileiro, Santa Maria da Feira (Portugal), 2001:
    Best Film (Official Jury), Best Film (Cineclubs Jury).
  • 3rd International Short Film Festival of Belo Horizonte, 2001:
    Critic's Prize.
  • 29th Iberoamerican Film Festival of Huesca (Spain), 2001:
    Best Screenplay.
  • 11th Cine Ceará, Fortaleza, 2001:
    Best Screenplay, Best Film (Cineclubs Jury).
  • 29th Gramado Film Festival, 2001:
    Special Regional Prize.
  • 2nd Campo Grande Latinoamerican Film Festival, 2001:
    Best Fiction Film, Best Screenplay, Best Director, Best Actor (Felippe Mônnaco).
  • 12th International Short Film Festival, São Paulo, 2001:
    Popular Jury Award, Espaço Unibanco Prize.
  • 6th Brazilian Film Festival, Miami, 2002:
    Best Film (Popular Jury), Best Cinematography, Best Actor (Felippe Monnaco), Best Actress (Janaína Kremer Motta)



"It seems like a game and perhaps it is a game, as there is much playfulness in this project. It is playful and - as this is Jorge Furtado we are talking about - it is lucid, because, just as he does in his television and film work, he wants to discuss language, synergize forms of expression."
(Luis Carlos Merten, O Estado de São Paulo, 03/07/2000)

"The director masters his work with great skill. In his previous (and extraordinary) works, Barbosa and Island of Flowers, he manipulates the narrative to keep the spectator in suspense. In his latest film, he surprises you by manipulating film language itself, making abundant use of metalanguage."
(Gustavo Galvão, Correio Braziliense, 27/11/2000)

"As with those Russian dolls, (the film) is a scene inside a scene, inside a scene, inside a scene. The real gets mixed up with the even more real and, actually, all is nothing but a feeling. The crazy feeling of seeing oneself on the cinema screen. This is cinema, and that is why this film won me over. Not because of the way sandwiches can be romantic, but because of the simplicity with which cinema can be as real as a sandwich."
(Ana Paula Penkala, PelotasNet, 20/12/2000)

"SANDWICH is a mind-bender mix of detailed character profiles, multiple points of view, and the art of cooking. But most of all, SANDWICH is wonderful because of Jorge Furtado's ability to tell a story in a way that changes entirely our perspective in each turn of the story. Here this master proves that making a movie could be just like cooking a meal - you blend flavors to create something unique. That's what makes SANDWICH so appealing - the way Furtado creates a story that changes its "flavor" every time. Passion, jealousy, anxiety, love, irony, it's everything here. A masterpiece."
(Trigon Films, março/2008)