O RESTO É SILÊNCIO (The Rest is Silence)

(Digital Betal, 28 min, color, 2005)
Episode of the "5 Vezes Erico" (5 Times Erico) series for RBS TV.

Joana, clerk at a toy store, jumps off a tall building downtown. To her mother, she leaves no explanation. To her fiancé,the information that she was pregnant by another man. But, to the journalist investigating her death, she leaves several clues about her literary preferences.

Foto por Juliano Lopes: Jairo de Andrade
Photo by Juliano Lopes: Jairo de Andrade

Director: Marcio Schoenardie

Executive Producers: Luciana Tomasi and Nora Goulart
Written by: Angel Palomero from the novel by Erico Verissimo
Cinematographer: Juliano Lopes
Art Director: Patricia Pereira
Production Coordinator: Bel Merel
Editor: Giba Assis Brasil
Assistant Director: Janaína Fischer

A RBS TV / Casa de Cinema PoA Production

Main Cast:
Jairo de Andrade (Antonio Santiago)
Cristina Kessler (Nora)
Leonardo Barison (Roberto)
Ida Celina (Lívia)
Luciana Rossi (Joana Karewska)
Nadya Mendes (Regina)
Rodrigo Pessin (noivo)
Marcelo Herrera (policial)